Below are testimonials from previous clients.

“James made my dreams come true, while everyone else pushed me aside in an economy of close to impossible self-build lending James never stopped trying and did more than anyone should have done to secure me a mortgage.  They say the secret to success is perseverance well I can say that it sure is and only for James’s determination  I would never have been able to build my dream house.  I’ll never forget his patience, expertise and advice and as it turns out I could not have got a better rate from any lender.  I will never forget James’s help and I would recommend him to anyone as he will give you professional advice and make your dreams a reality.”

-Julianna MacNeice

“I arranged my Life Assurance, Critical Illness and Home Insurance through McNicholl Mortgage Services.  James arranged a suitable time to call out to my home as I have 3 children this was a big help.   James explained the different types of insurance’s available and answered all the queries that I was unsure off. “

“I would highly recommend McNicholl Financial Services due to their friendly and professional approach”

-Patrick Hughes

 “Thanks to James I have the peace of mind that my current mortgage and business is properly protected.  As well as arranging the relevant insurances, McNicholl Financial Services also write my life cover into Trust.”

 “Thanks you for all your help”

 -Alan McFarland

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