Business Protection


Business Protection Insurance is a way of protecting your business to ensure that you, your co-workers and the business itself are insured for the unexpected.


There are 3 main elements to Business Protection Insurance:


Key person insurance – also known as keyman insurance is an insurance policy which a company takes out on any of its key employees or directors to whom they consider a great value to the business and will suffer financial losses should this person die or suffer from a critical illness which forces them out of work.


Shareholder Protection – Is an insurance policy put in place to protect a company’s shareholders.  This policy will pay out a lump sum upon a shareholders death to allow all the remaining shareholders to purchase the remaining shares and maintain ownership of the business


Business Loan Protection – Is Life assurance (sometimes life assurance and critical illness cover) written on the life of an individual or individuals.  If a claim is made a sum equal to the outstanding debt would be paid allowing the loans to be cleared


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Protection plans with no investment link will have no cash in value
at any time and will cease at the end of the term. If premiums are
not maintained then cover will lapse.